Monday, May 18, 2015

Taylor Swift DOMINATED Billboard Awards " with a smile!" - IMAGINE all the cool photos FANS would have downloaded & "BE READY TO WEAR" IF F.O.S. Fashion Trends was " in the streets!"

Thank you DVR ! ... Boy do I mean it ! It was a crazy night with simultaneous shows YOU WANT TO SEE! Between Call the Midwife & Madmen finale , the legendary comedienne Luille Ball SPECIAL .... The infamous Billboard Awards Show that was a blast to watch. I believe our F.O.S. Fashion Frame INVENTION would be so cool on nights, like the one last night. Can you imagine our youth taking some cool photos with their phones that grasped current MOMENTS .... DOWNLOADING these CURRENT IMAGES & then "WEARING  them as F.O.S. Inserts on their shirt, jacket or school bag" ... F.O.S. ACTION WOULD BE WILD!! 

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