Sunday, May 17, 2015

F.O.S. Fashion Frame INVENTOR can't stop CHOKING UP on his own words!

This #FOSJOURNEY IS NOT EZ! I can't believe I've given my business cards to individuals who are DOERS & SHAKERS but due to my lack of confidence & the right words .... Wish I could do some DO OVERS! You know what I'm saying ? LOL! I had a such a positive & enlightening experience with the eMerge Americas Conference, beginning of May at the Miami Beach Convention Center. It's amazing how encouragement & support can help in priceless ways. I literally gave my business cards to Pitbull #deepakchopra & @eMergeamericas founder Manny Medina ... Literally 15 minutes before the Conference was over! Nothing like waiting for the last possible opportunity. Momma Mia!  THEN just two days ago --- I hand my business card to #samchampion after recognizing him & thought " you never know ... He knows #Ellen who I believe may love the F.O.S. Fashion Frame that looks SO COOL on denim jackets . BUT AGAIN ... didn't say what wanted to say. I know the Freedom Of Speech Trends can really  inspire & empower our kids creativity ( every time I show it to kids, and do a short explanation ... their faces light up & you can see their wheels turning " thinking" what they would like to personally put in an F.O.S. Fashion Frame & then tell me " that's cool" )  & let's not forget adults like me , who are the 99% who can't EXPRESS themselves so well with WORDS to  strangers or in  public speaking situations. My heart is telling me the F.O.S. ( Freedom of Speech TM) Fashion Frame can be an IMPORTANT new venue for expression . It's not only a lot of fun INSERTING & DISPLAYING anything YOU LIKE ... you are unconsciously ADVERTISING & POTENTIALLY AFFECTING THE ADVERTISING WORLD which is all our individual's right, right? So many laws are different that are relevant to the individual vs. FOR business reasons/ corporations  . I joke with my family & friends ... And tell them F.O.S. Fashion Frame MAKES EVERYBODY A SOMEBODY!  F.O.S. proves that one person can make a difference because images can relay powerful messages & affect anyone who may see it. Ok, I know I'm straying a little bit ... " My business card story " doesn't end ... Just yesterday I got nervous AGAIN  when I realized I had the opportunity to hand my business card to Anthony Shriver. I've lived hear since 1995 & literally observed from a distance --- his family growing up. Again, it crossed my mind ... Why not hand a business card to him, right? His family has done so many beautiful things & supported organizations that have done such " good for the world". That is one family I know would love our trademark - F.O.S. which signifies freedom of speech & expression. I think his kids will like the concept & purpose behind F.O.S. ? Kids are kids. He should only know that his sister Maria Shriver is one of my favorite people in the world. I admire her so much for so many things, I can go on forever about her.   If someone told me 2 weeks ago that I would have given my business cards to #Pitbull , #mannymedina , #deepakchopra  #samchampion #anthonyshriver .... I would say YOUR NUTS !  LOL !! I know I have no track record for sales of this F.O.S. Fashion Frame BUT feel it is inevitable, over time that the #fashion world will be DIRECTLY CONNECTED TO SOCIAL MEDIA & advertising." F.O.S. is not just a frame ... it's  a window for our imagination on apparel & accessories." NOW WORLD ... HELP US GET THE FASHION WORLD TO JUMP ON THE AMERICAN BANDWAGON TO SEE THAT F.O.S. CAN BRING NEW PURPOSE & MEANING TO FASHION WHILE HAVING FUN "FOR ALL BRANDS". It adapts too easily to ALL APPAREL & ACCESSORY BRANDS  out there, while giving MILLENNIALS the opportunity to DISPLAY ANY MESSAGES THEY MAY SO DESIRE while causing a potential ADVERTISING FRENZY since the advertising world has not yet tapped into the importance of the INDIVIDUAL CONSUMER- INFLUENCE & DIRECT PARTICIPATION !  F.O.S. can rock this world due to a VISUAL WORLD CONNECTION that needs no words.  Our slogan is " WEAR YOUR VOICE" I know it won't be EZ to spread the word out & for others to grasp our vision ... It's hard to break old habits. We never had to " think" before putting on an item of clothing or possibly carry an accessory and making a CHOICE - before INSERTING /displaying something we want AND LIKE. I see it as a crime 😀 if the American people can not take advantage of the incredible resources that are NOW AVAILABLE ... Digital , HD , 3D ... graphics, photos & images, art AND LITERALLY WEAR THEM FOR ALL TO SEE ! The F.O.S. slogan is " WEAR YOUR  VOICE". My dream & vision is for everyone to "Get Framed!" & be F.O.S. STRONG! Check out our two great cartoons by Tom Falco , Tomversation .com who captured our trademark & concept so beautifully. We are forever grateful to him for helping us on our #FOSJOURNEY . Our website is ,  Twitter @foscreator Instagram f.o.s.creator  I BROKE THE ICE - I WROTE MY FIRST POST !! Yes!!!  F.O.S. Looks TOO COOL, to not succeed, right? ... There I go again ... lacking confidence . LOL