Monday, July 20, 2015


What can anyone say after seeing the Google Maps  that will be available for the world. It allows those who can't, go to places beyond one's imagination. I saw a segment about Google Maps  took photos from my Apple I-6 phone, downloaded them, and now wearing them in our invention, F.O.S. FREEDOM OF SPEECH TRADEMARK Fashion Frame that recently obtained 3 intellectual properties. F.O.S. creator embraces the incredible resources available today and excited to appreciate them. We can't wait for the world to jump on the bandwagon with the F.O.S.Fashion Frame . Our motto is WEAR YOUR VOICE. F.O.S. is not just a frame, it is a window for your imagination on apparel and accessories. Have a FUN DAY ALL! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

F.O.S. Freedom Of Speech Fashion Frame Concept CAN RECYCLE OLD MERCHANDISE

F.O.S. Freedom Of Speech Fashion Frame INVENTION is a perfect FIT FOR FASHION industry. What's old is new again can apply for a lot of un sold merchandise. Also, due to the concept and purpose, retailers can actually mark up the price if they play their cards right in affectively marketing it. The timing could not be better. People are personalizing everything they put their hands on. The beauty of the F.O.S. Fashion Frame is that it allows indivuals to display anything their heart desires. It is a new venue to communicate creatively. You can support your artists in movies, your favorite books and authors, your artists, personal photos, favorite sports and celebrity personalities which can be ads from products they are endorsing. Imagine showing support of your favorite politicians. It can be crazy fun. Check out the F.O.S. vision and dream on company website F.O.S. is not just a frame , it's a window for your imagination on apparel and accessories. HAVE A FUN DAY ALL! 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Freedom Of Speech F.O.S. Fashion Frame celebrates July 4th with PATRIOTIC IMAGES from Disabled American Veterans calendar

It's been an exciting time in our history recently; especially with recent marriage equality. It is truly a time to be a proud American. All people are created equal. No better time than this 4th of July weekend to INSERT patriotic images from my Disabled American Veterans calendar. The F.O.S. Fashion Frame will be a future venue for "the people" to insert digital downloads, photos, images, graphics or anything our heart desires as displayed items on apparel and accessories. This new form of expression for fashion will bring out the creativity in all of us. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

SAVED fitbit Ad in Freedom Of Speech Fashion Frame WEARABLE apparel

Congrats fitbit  on your I.P.O.! Love your products and ads too. Thought this is a perfect time to display this saved ad of yours to help celebrate your accomplishments and future endeavors. Good luck! F.O.S. is thrilled and happy for you . 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Freedom Of Speech Fashion Frame excited and proud to SHARE HISTORICAL 1917 chalkboard via downloads

What an incredible story that was seen on NBC news, of a janitor who saved and hid a chalkboard waiting to be uncovered for all to appreciate from 1917. It was found in Emerson High School in Oklahoma City. They are all works of art that can be SHARED via digital downloads that can be shared with the world. 

Monday, June 15, 2015


F.O.S. Fashion Frame creator never stopped loving dinosaurs and never plans to. Enjoyed movie that had incredible special affects, especially on IMAX, 3D. Chris Pratt is someone to watch. Check it out this summer, it will keep you entertained, even if you can't find a kid to take. LOL

Friday, June 12, 2015

Freedom Of Speech Fashion Frame is venue TO VOICE THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS

Instant communication can be overwhelming because the amount of data we hear and see is non stop. The F.O.S. Fashion Frame can be a cool way to lighten situations while participating in moments that are literally going on, thanks to social media . No one is happy that carry on requirements will possibly change. It will actually look comical using wheels on bags that are getting smaller and smaller. It will remind us when you see a tall person walking a very small dog. The airport may bring new unexpected chuckles with this new update. Thought this nostalgic ad by Hartmann Luggage from Nostagic America Magazine would be fun to revisit. . Another great visual that inspires everyone is our American hero Michael Jordon who needs to teach some of our athletes in the media a thing or two. Also who can forget one of our favorite TV personalities from MASH., JAIME FARR, who taught us acceptance  when he wore dresses before his time and was ignored in heels. No one should judge one another, as long as we are law abiding citizens  who conducts themselves in a civilized manner. Freedom of speech  F.O.S. Fashion Frame wishes everyone a FUN WEEKEND ! 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

ART IS FOR ALL, not for just the elite collectors

Freedom of Speech, F.O.S. Fashion Frame Trends wish is to EXPOSE so many areas, including the ART WORLD to everyone. It will not be commercializing it or devaluing the value of any art. It actually will be exposing, sharing art for all to see and appreciate. Last Sunday in the NY TIMES there was a great article that included a photo of a piece of art by Albert Oehlen. It looks fabulous as an F.O.S. INSERT in a denim frame and was a perfect fit . Inserting works of art would truly be beautiful and inspirational for anyone who may lay their eyes on it while someone is walking the streets DISPLAYING famous, not famous, personal or art by their talented family and friends. As long as we own the actual printed item, in for example, magazines and newspapers, we as individuals are permitted to display and wear them if we so desire for our own individual pleasure. Think how cool it would be to be spreading art in the streets of the world. Now that is cool! We must include one sample Andy Warhol of Elizabeth Taylor who are both admired and adored for the contributions they made in this world. 

Monday, June 8, 2015


Freedom Of Speech Fashion Frame Trends loves a jam packed weekend of DOWNLOADABLE EVENTS and historical moments to capture while having FUN! How cool would it be if people DOWNLOAD, PRINT and WEAR the art, text they create and then " HIT THE STREETS IN WEARING THEM!" Why not share, outside the cyber world, right? This weekend was intense, between watching American Pharoah winning
the Triple Crown at the Belmont Stakes, watching Serena Williams win French Open , new Tony Award Winners. It was even fun capturing cool images from Saturday Night Lives repeat with Chris Pratt and Ariana Grande. F.O.S. Trends is all about images, hope you like the ones we are sharing right now. Have a great Monday!