Friday, May 29, 2015

F.O.S. Fashion Frame JUST WANTS YOU TO THINK, no explanation necessary, PITBULL ON THE BRAIN

Don't you get tired of people always wanting a REASON for everything. I believe the F.O.S. Fashion Frame is a perfect FIT for the creative mind. It's fun to go with the flow, and be spontaneous. That's what we want from F.O.S. Fashion Frame "WEARERS", to "Wear Your Voice" with images, photos, messages or anything your heart desires. Don't be afraid to WEAR  Ads you think are cool, or items in newspapers & magazines that YOU LIKE, because we, as individuals can republish what we own as individuals. Free advertising is our individual right. So today, PITBULL, who I am a big fan of, was on Today Show. Boy, that man IS BUSY & everywhere ! I still can't believe I actually handed my business card to him at eMerge Americas Conference on Miami Beach at MB Convention Center this past May. I'm still hoping that he check out my website to see that the Freedom Of Speech Fashion Frame can really be cool, especially for empowering and inspiring our youth in being creative with this new VISUAL WORLD CONNECTION. I believe our  world can easily connect and communicate with the F.O.S. Fashion Frame thru VISUALS while having fun. Check, check , check out our website & FOLLOW US on Twitter @foscreator Instagram  f.o.s.creator and  HAVE A FUN DAY ALL! 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's all about what's on your mind TODAY -Freedom Of Speech Fashion Frame

You wake up ... You decide to WEAR AN F.O.S. Black Denim Fashion Frame ... And then YOU HAVE TO THINK ... What do I want to SAY TO THE WORLD. It saddened me to hear all the corruption with soccer officials, so let me combat that tone with FOCUSING ON THE LOVE OF THE GAME with a very cool ad from TagHeuer Watches that has great slogan - " Don't crack under pressure" And then my other F.O.S. Insert that is temporarily underneath this one ... Being "throwback Thursday" a FUN PAGE from Nostagic America Magazine of three TV SHOWS I loved to watch , The Courtship of Eddie's Father ( had Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller ) All in the Family ( Jean Stapleton and Carroll O'Connor) and Mork and Mindy ( Robin Williams and Pam Dawber)  ... Now ready to " HIT THE STREETS!" 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

America's Got Talent IS BETTER THAN EVER, & Great Playground For F.O.S. MOMENTS

I've enjoyed America's Got Talent in the past, but last night felt a bit more  special. The positive energy,  vibes & genuine sincerity between judges Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel was fun to watch ... and Nick Cannon was  on the money as usual.  The emotions were so high throughout the show, while you watch people fulfilling their dreams before your eyes ... BUT peaked literally during the last performance when Howie Mandel pressed  NEW GOLD BUZZER for young man who had a baseball injury who turned a negative situation into a beautiful positive comic relief TALENT ACT. Can't wait to see their  future shows ... And hope to capture some MOMENTS and INSERT THEM IN MY F.O.S. Fashion Frame TO SHARE. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Feeling chewed up like JAWS lately. Do you believe it was 40 years ago when JAWS made us petrified of every single body of water ....including all household pools. Truly looking forward to seeing the incredible special affects in Jurassic World, Avengers:Age of Ultron, Mad Max:Fury Road, MINIONS, Tomorrowland, Insidious-Chapter 3 & many more that are not mentioned. This journey I'm on with my F.O.S.( Freedom Of Speech TM) Fashion Frame INVENTION can really get the best of your " psyche'". I'll be direct, it gets frustrating & depressing trying to beat down doors TO SELL YOUR DREAM & VISION. The catch is that with all this world's connectivity - it really is hard to REALLY CONNECT TO PEOPLE WHEN IT IS IMPORTANT. Our world is full of so much fluff, we are all losing touch with necessary simplicity. I don't expect my invention to be loved by all ( maybe I do ) but trying to just SHARE it with the right connectors is crazy. I promise not to make this all sound cynical but think about these observations that I've honestly learned since my F.O.S. Fashion Frame invention. I am all for progress & innovation but feel like we are really losing touch with humanity, & simple thinking. My heart believes the F.O.S. Fashion Frame can bring FUN & individual thinking that seems to be brushed over & ignored. I realize F.O.S. is a BRAND NEW MINDSET ... is it too much effort for people "to think"  of WEARING , what they like or want to display a message they actually want to share? If only we had a human being in charge of earth because we are all aware of these observations but due to everyone's priorities ... The next generation just inherits the mess . Think about this ... We know how rapidly our population is growing but we are creating efficiency needing less people . Is that necessary & smart? So CEO's only reek  the rewards? Our supermarkets are 3/4 full of over abundance of the same competitive products full of chemicals, knowing obesity, autism & so many other things have some connection. We expect water shortages around the world ... Just in USA - CA. has future problem but other states are wasting water daily. We as a global society still has world hunger but also daily waste food without batting an eye. We are all so globally connected but can't reach anyone by phone with many of the largest companies in the world. I can never forget getting an immediate response back acknowledging my message was received but stating, there is no guarantee it will be read. Say what? Just attended a great conference eMerge Americas Conference that I enjoyed so much .... But saw that VIRTUAL REALTY INVENTIONS will be very prevalent in our lives ... who needs human interaction anymore if we can be in places without being there, feeling sensations with clothing ( literally feeling  same sensations as if u are having sex but remember you are by yourself LOL). I really enjoyed the movie I saw last weekend EX MACHINA but ROBOTS will also be a major part of our environment & everyday experience .... Who needs human people who " can think " & talk back to you , right? ... And let's not forget about cars that need less HELP FROM  HUMANS ? The point I am trying to make is that WE AS A GLOBAL SOCIETY NEED TO STOP & STEP BACK  ... Because I believe most of us would agree that imbalance of even good things can make things GO BAD . To think decades ago ... Who would have even imagined that CYBER ATTACKS/ DESTRUCTION is just behind a NUCLEAR WAR for being potentially the most destructful. HACKING IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM. I have to admit to one more thing... This post was some therapy for me because I've been feeling very discouraged that something that can truly be good for society...  our youth using their creativity, a new venue for expression that can be easily universal since images have no language barriers ... Giving the INDIVIDUAL a voice in anything they may want to display or share that will really look cool because our RESOURCES AVAILABLE NOW... Are incredible. I am tired of us all speaking about the 99% who are getting screwed but us as a society doing little to help the situation. I know I'm a dreamer ... But all I'm trying to do is PLANT A SEED , let the people do the right thing & finally participate & take action IF THEY WANT TO. The F.O.S. Fashion Frame may be simple but I believe it can have extreme power & influence that can cause some good in this world. Oops! Must run to work. Hope you all don't think I'm sounding too cynical - just enjoying & appreciating my FREEDOM OF SPEECH & EXPRESSION. F.O.S. STRONG! 

Friday, May 22, 2015


Where does the time go - MEMORIAL DAY THIS COMING MONDAY. Let's remember & show our gratitude towards our veterans who are now serving us, & those who have passed on. It's only MAY ... Sure would be happy for any donations & still have some calendars left that will go towards our Disabled American Veterans. It's a beautiful calendar that reminds us of the many freedoms we have each day we are alive on this earth. God Bless Our Veterans & God Bless America ! The photo is actually 3/4 of the BACK OF THEIR 2015 Calendar displayed/INSERTED within an F.O.S. (Freedom Of Speech TM) Fashion Frame  - INVENTION MADE IN U.S.A. 

F.O.S. Loves MEGHAN TRAINOR music & persona!

F.O.S. Fashion Frame INVENTOR was flipping out this morning & had some belly laughs trying to CAPTURE moments on The Today Show while Meghan Trainor was singing. I quickly TOOK PHOTO , emailed it to my IPhone Apple phone then ran to my laptop to PRINT IT ... Then fit it in my F.O.S. Black denim shirt FASHION FRAME ...( still not over ) ... Then took a "SELFIE" FOR F.O.S. FUN! Just IMAGINE how much FUN the WORLD CAN HAVE WITH THIS NEW VENUE FOR EXPRESSION while using the incredible RESOURCES  we have available NOW! ( HD, digital, 3D ETC) 

Thursday, May 21, 2015


It was sad BUT FUNNY & UPBEAT ... The accomplished tone David Letterman wanted. Here is the photo taken by Damon Winter with my version of a red nose from the New York Times last Sunday. Night Comedy won't be the same ... And that's not a good thing at all. Good luck to Dave & hope we lots of him in the future ! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Freedom Of Speech is great for vintage & nostalgic F.O.S. Inserts BUT THERE IS NOTHING LIKE " the NOW " .... Adrenaline junkies know what I mean! There is nothing more exciting than capturing A MOMENT & photographing it - PRINTING IT & " sharing it WITH THE WORLD!! Yes ! C/O photos of Jamie Foxx's NEW CD - HOLLYWOOD - A Story of a Dozen Roses ... That one song I just heard on The Today Show WAS INCREDIBLE ! And photo of David Letterman & Bill Murray on last nights show . Don't forget --- his last show is tonight ! And last but not least -- The Voice Winner - SAWYER FREDERICK's ... Who I actually was rooting FOR ! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Love " the Voice", all are fabulous but CHOOSE SAWYER! Freedom Of Speech Trends SLOGAN IS " Wear Your VOICE" ... A little irony there. DOWNLOAD, Print & " BE Ready to Wear !" Help us spread THE WORD about F.O.S. Trends so FASHION WORLD embraces NEW FASHION TREND that can be fun while rocking the world ! ... Fashion CAN NOW DIRECTLY CONNECT TO SOCIAL MEDIA & individual ADVERTISING ! Wow! Have a FUN DAY ALL!