Friday, May 29, 2015

F.O.S. Fashion Frame JUST WANTS YOU TO THINK, no explanation necessary, PITBULL ON THE BRAIN

Don't you get tired of people always wanting a REASON for everything. I believe the F.O.S. Fashion Frame is a perfect FIT for the creative mind. It's fun to go with the flow, and be spontaneous. That's what we want from F.O.S. Fashion Frame "WEARERS", to "Wear Your Voice" with images, photos, messages or anything your heart desires. Don't be afraid to WEAR  Ads you think are cool, or items in newspapers & magazines that YOU LIKE, because we, as individuals can republish what we own as individuals. Free advertising is our individual right. So today, PITBULL, who I am a big fan of, was on Today Show. Boy, that man IS BUSY & everywhere ! I still can't believe I actually handed my business card to him at eMerge Americas Conference on Miami Beach at MB Convention Center this past May. I'm still hoping that he check out my website to see that the Freedom Of Speech Fashion Frame can really be cool, especially for empowering and inspiring our youth in being creative with this new VISUAL WORLD CONNECTION. I believe our  world can easily connect and communicate with the F.O.S. Fashion Frame thru VISUALS while having fun. Check, check , check out our website & FOLLOW US on Twitter @foscreator Instagram  f.o.s.creator and  HAVE A FUN DAY ALL! 

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