Friday, June 12, 2015

Freedom Of Speech Fashion Frame is venue TO VOICE THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS

Instant communication can be overwhelming because the amount of data we hear and see is non stop. The F.O.S. Fashion Frame can be a cool way to lighten situations while participating in moments that are literally going on, thanks to social media . No one is happy that carry on requirements will possibly change. It will actually look comical using wheels on bags that are getting smaller and smaller. It will remind us when you see a tall person walking a very small dog. The airport may bring new unexpected chuckles with this new update. Thought this nostalgic ad by Hartmann Luggage from Nostagic America Magazine would be fun to revisit. . Another great visual that inspires everyone is our American hero Michael Jordon who needs to teach some of our athletes in the media a thing or two. Also who can forget one of our favorite TV personalities from MASH., JAIME FARR, who taught us acceptance  when he wore dresses before his time and was ignored in heels. No one should judge one another, as long as we are law abiding citizens  who conducts themselves in a civilized manner. Freedom of speech  F.O.S. Fashion Frame wishes everyone a FUN WEEKEND ! 

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