Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Yesterday was truly an historical day for Transgender Freedom. Every time we turned around, there was news about the QUIET T of LGBT. What's cool about the stories yesterday, it was clear SEX was really not the focus but the genetics and intellect involved with transgender that is a new frontier for understanding and respecting in our diverse society. How could you not fall in love with adorable and strong and beautiful Jazz Jennings who literally has record from family at age 2 of who she really is. What's more special is her character and personality of being a leader who will do good in our world. I believe we are beginning to truly understand when you hear these quotes over and over again, "trapped in boy's or girl's body". It truly is our heart and soul who defines us. It is shameful that the state of Florida is fighting Jazz from using the girl's bathroom, and literally would arrest her if they could. Jazz has even written a children's book who is just 14 that will help children. The F.O.S. Fashion Frame will be the tool to display book covers and messages for all to see and hopefully be inspired by.                           AS for Caitlyn Jenner, it was even discussed when she/ then he with Diane Sawyer that the act of sex was not important. Caitlyn even literally said, at this age I will say I'm asexual. Freedom is simply the most important element in living the life we are all born to love. It is beautiful seeing the beginning of acceptance in an new area who were the ultimate outcasts in society. Hopefully the Freedom Of Speech Fashion Frame can be a positive tool in assisting our society " to do the right thing." Thank you Meredith Vierra Show for above photos and segment about Jazz I will never forget. I am now a regular viewer of your show. Also thank you NBC NEWS for Caitlyn photos and above information. 

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